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Dr. Ruhl began investigating accidents in the Midwest in the mid-70's when his services as a mechanical engineer were sought by insurance companies to inspect vehicles involved in accidents for possible mechanical defects. His services expanded to include all phases of accident investigations and reconstructions, both vehicular and machinery. A number of other individuals joined the firm, originally known as Ruhl and Associates, in the 1980's. In 1991 the firm moved its main office to Champaign, IL.

Dr. Ruhl additionally has been affiliated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 1970. He originated the Senior Design Project concept in the Department of General Engineering, a concept that brings senior engineering students together with industrial sponsors and that provides in depth study of engineering problems needing solution by the particular industry.

In the spring of 1995 Ruhl Forensic opened a second office in Phoenix specializing in commercial driver qualifications, training and FMCSR compliance. This added experienced heavy vehicle specialists to work with our engineering staff and our other specialists (reconstructionists, traffic engineer, tire engineer, OSHA specialist, fire specialist, mechanics) allowing our firm to view accidents from many perspectives and to provide our clients with a complete analysis of the accident.

Ruhl Forensic, Inc. continues to provide expanded services in the heavy vehicle area as well as in many other specialties, including biomechanics, traffic engineering, accident reconstruction, fire cause and origin, and OSHA compliance. The firm has the graphical capability to produce simulations and working models for courtroom use. Our engineers use their vehicle dynamics background in conjunction with a variety of programs such as HVE, PCCrash and CARAT to produce highly accurate, scientific simulations of the accident scenario.

The staff consists of both full and part time professionals who testify nationally. Our clients include law firms on both sides of the bar, trucking companies, bus lines, major insurance carriers, municipalities, manufacturers and the U.S. Military.

The company strongly supports research related to its consulting activities, particularly through its membership and participation in a European consortium involved in research and testing and through company sponsored research. Staff participate not only in testing but in the presentation of their research at professional meetings such as the Society of Automotive Engineers, the American Society of Safety Engineers, and other peer groups in specialty areas.

Ruhl Forensic, Inc. is an Illinois corporation with offices in Champaign, IL and Scottsdale, AZ. We invite you to call either of our main offices at 800.355.7800 (IL) or 800.235-2808 (AZ). We look forward to speaking with you.