Ruhl Forensic Leader in Forensic Technology

European Crash Testing and Conference

Ruhl Forensic currently is the sole representative of the United States at AREC (Accident Reconstruction Conference) held in Europe each summer.

The firm is a member of IbB Expertisen, a group of European reconstructionists who join Dekra, Winterthur and a number of other European industry and insurance groups to perform extensive, highly instrumented crash testing. Over the years, the testing has involved tractor trailers, agricultural equipment, passenger vehicles, motorcycles and has explored rollovers, underrides, and pedestrian impacts, to name a few.

The crashes are analyzed in order to gain statistical information relative to accident dynamics. The data gathered is ultimately used in simulation software programs such as PC Crash and CARAT.

Members of Ruhl Forensic staff participate in the conference regularly and present papers at this and other European conferences. Recent paper topics include treatises on collision algorithms and crash analysis, biomechanics of rear-end collisions, commercial vehicle electronic equipment, and vehicular rollover dynamics and statistics.