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Professional Development
Ed Sebak recently attended the 31st Clemson University Global Tire Industry Conference in Hilton Head, SC. Mr. Sebak is a tire engineer with Ruhl Forensic who specializes in the forensic analysis of the design, development, production and evaluation of all types of tires, including truck tires, retreads, passenger vehicle tires, high performance tires, farm and construction machinery tires, off-road tires, etc.

Train Accident Reconstruction
Ruhl Forensic, Inc. provides accident reconstruction services relative to passenger and freight trains in the areas of at-grade crossing accidents, sight lines and visibility. More information about this service can be found on this website at Train Accident Reconstruction.

Truck Accident Litigation, Third Edition
The 3rd Edition of Truck Accident Litigation, edited by Laura L. Ruhl and Mary K. Dooley-Owen of Ruhl Forensic, is now available. Written by members of both bars, engineers, accident reconstructionists, drivers, mechanics and safety professionals, this volume provides in-depth knowledge of both the trucking industry and legal issues pertinent to handling a commercial motor vehicle case.

In addition to over-the-road vehicles, the book covers aspects of trucking that apply uniquely to vocational trucking (dump trucks, cement mixers, refuse trucks, snow plows, etc.). New content includes the business of trucking, the CSA monitoring program, on-board electronics, updates to the regulations and much more.

For ease of use, this restructured edition is divided into major sections – each dealing with a specific aspect of the trucking case, i.e., the driver, the vehicle, the motor carrier, the crash investigation and litigation.

The book is available through the American Bar Association by calling 800-285-2221, product code 5190480.


IbB Engineering is one of a few large organizations in Europe for accident investigation and reconstruction. Organized as a partnership firm, IbB Engineering has more than 60 partner bureaus in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. The IbB partners work in the fields of investigation of accident scenes, examination of vehicles for mechanical or electric/electronic failures, accident reconstruction and analysis, occupant dynamics, injury causation. The IbB partners also perform technical inspections of motor vehicles, provide damage estimates, give driver education, investigate insurance fraud or vehicle theft, and perform crash tests for accident reconstruction purposes, examinations of vehicle dynamic behavior according to the ISO standards. IbB Engineering additionally organizes and stages congresses, seminars and workshops.

IbB Engineering has different contract partners, e.g. the DSD company in Austria ( and the AREC Group ( DSD is a programmer for accident reconstruction software (PC Crash and PC Rect) and is integrating the advantages of accident reconstruction software Carat into the PC-Crash software. IbB Engineering is co-operating with DSD in developing these programs. IbB is also involved with DSD in the production of measurement devices for crash tests and vehicle dynamics.

The AREC Group is a scientific organization which organizes a yearly conference and stages crash tests. IbB is one of ten owners of AREC Group. Together with DSD, a database for accident reconstructionists has been created and is offered for a yearly fee (

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