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Vehicle Accident Investigation:
A Guide for Risk managers and Claims Personnel

Designed for risk managers and claims adjusters, this book is about gathering accident information quickly and economically. It is for personnel who need to gather and record information accurately in order to make informed decisions. The book facilitates lower costs of an initial investigation by doing more 'in house' while increasing the quality of the product.

The book is a hands on, step-by-step tutorial. The book is a non-mathematical, common sense approach to accident data collection. It is non-intimidating and builds confidence by allowing the reader to understand both why and how data is collected, and to see aspects of the accident that the data can reveal. It is filled with tips that can only come from seasoned professionals who know how to do it right and have often seen it done wrong!

The staff of Ruhl Forensic, highly trained and experienced in all phases of accident reconstruction. The staff includes engineers, accident reconstructionists, fire inspectors, mechanics and highway personnel knowledgeable in both theory and practice.. Most importantly, the staff knows from the experience of thousands of investigations how incomplete or inaccurate data reduces effectiveness and increases cost.

Topics include gathering information (references, sources, interviewing), accident scene information (tire marks, contact marks, debris), accident scene measurements (proper technique, checking police report, completing field sketch), vehicle inspection, photographic techniques and case studies.

Let Ruhl Forensic, Inc. help you do a more effective job of risk and claims management for vehicular accidents.

For a complete copy of Vehicle Accident Investigation: A Guide for Risk Managers and Claims Personnel please fill out an order form, or phone us at (800) 355-7800. The total cost of this publication for Illinois residents is $37.12, and for non-Illinois residents is $34.95.