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The lack of a comprehensive maintenance program contributed to this catastrophic fire.

Fire Origin and Cause

The adherence to established and acceptable industry standards is imperative to provide accurate and fact-based opinions when conducting fire origin and cause investigations. A thorough and comprehensive fire and cause investigation is the first step toward determining what if any future case or action might possibly be pursued or defended. The quality of the investigation will affect the outcome of the case.

A proper and quality fire scene investigation is based on a scientific methodology and involves a number of basic procedures designed to lead to an accurate opinion. Some of those procedures used are:

An accurate conclusion or opinion can assist clients in the areas of product liability consulting, defending Notice of Loss, or Notice of Potential Claim accusations, and assistance in criminal procedures or actions.

Ruhl Forensic, Inc. can provide these comprehensive fire investigation and consulting services for all types of clients, and provide expert testimony when required. Our fire experts have decades of experience in many types of fires including, but not limited to, residential fires, vehicle fires, commercial fires, and agricultural and heavy equipment fires.

Fire Origin and Cause Staff

Michael C. Dilley, CFEI, CFVI
Fire Cause and Origin Investigator
Illinois Class A Private Detective
Michael C. Dilley, CFEI, CFVI
Keith R. Erickson, B.S., P.E.
B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Keith R. Erickson, B.S., P.E.