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Contact damage to only the left side of the motorcycle is inconsistent with the witness' testimony that the motorcycle "flipped and tumbled after it was hit."

Motorcycle tire evidence, such as feathering, may be the only source of information on pre-crash maneuvers.

Motorcycle Crash Reconstruction

The motorcycle crash is unique in many ways. Unlike a car or truck with four wheels, the motorcycle has inherent stability issues. The rider must use different steering techniques depending on speed, and independently control the front and rear brakes when stopping. In a crash, both pre and post-impact events will likely leave unique evidence, which can easily be misinterpreted unless the investigator is experienced with motorcycles.

Aspects of crash reconstruction unique to motorcycles include:

  • Single Track Vehicle Dynamics and Stability
  • Steering and Counter-Steering
  • Proper Riding Techniques
  • Front and Rear Brake Usage
  • Lane Positioning
  • Hazard Identification and Crash Avoidance Maneuvers
  • Pre and Post-Impact events
  • Rider Skill and Experience

As an experienced motorcyclist, Dwayne Owen understands the aspects unique to motorcycles. He has investigated and reconstructed hundreds of motorcycle crashes during his career. In addition, he has instructed over 100 students through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course.