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This roadway was completely repaved within a week of the crash. The evidence marked in the forefront of this photo would have been lost without a quick response.

These tire marks show the vehicle’s pre- and post-impact travel path. Depending upon conditions, tire marks can fade quickly.

A careful examination of the vehicle lamps may determine which electrical circuits were energized at the time of the crash.

Proper documentation of rest positions is necessary to determine the accident scenario.

Crash Quick Response

Evidence is fleeting so it is important to document it as soon as possible. Evidence is affected by the passage of time and weather. Vehicles and machinery are repaired and put back into service, roadway construction zones are dismantled, tire marks fade. It is also important to collect the data in a time frame that is consistent with the crash.

A timely investigation of the scene and vehicles involved allows the reconstructionist to provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation. This allows the parties involved to make informed decisions.

Ruhl Forensic provides rapid on-scene response by qualified investigators and reconstructionists nationwide.

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