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Non-static loads can severely affect a vehicle's handling and roll stability.

Analysis of a motorcycle crash requires an understanding of the motorcycle's unique handling characteristics.

Properly assessing the cause of a tractor-trailer jackknife requires understanding the dynamic relationship of the combination unit.

A tractor-trailer rollover can be caused by a variety of factors including speed, load configuration, center of gravity, etc.

Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle dynamics is the study of vehicle movement in response to forces acting upon it. Heavy trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, motorcycles and bicycles all have unique dynamics. Knowledge and understanding of vehicle dynamics is a fundamental component of the accurate analysis of complex collision and non-collision events.

Ruhl Forensic staff combines computer simulation and analysis software, vehicle testing and research with extensive practical experience in the handling of heavy vehicles under various conditions to determine the dynamics in single and multi-vehicle events.

Also, Ruhl Forensic is a member of the international consortium IbB and participates in annual testing of vehicles to further document the dynamics of vehicular accidents and the forces placed upon occupants involved in accidents.

Elements involved in vehicle dynamics include: