Ruhl Forensic Leader in Forensic Technology

Jacqueline A. Orr, B.A.

Jacqueline A. Orr, B.A. Bachelor of Arts in Art
Graphic Artist

Jackie Orr is the in-house graphics specialist at Ruhl Forensic, Inc. She specializes in exhibit preparation and two and three dimensional modeling, animation and simulation. Using her knowledge of computer aided drafting (CAD) software and 3D animation packages, she works with the technical staff to create visual aids and demonstrative displays that visually portray technical concepts in easy to understand formats. Ms. Orr has been certified in the use of 3D Studio Max Animation and PhotoModeler software. She also has extensive experience with Adobe Creative Suite and third party video software and uses multiple media formats to produce video and DVD exhibits including video capture and the development of composite videos from testing and demonstrative clips. Ms. Orr also creates scale models of vehicles and construction equipment for use in deposition and trial.

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