Ruhl Forensic Leader in Forensic Technology

Phillip M. McLaughlin, M.S.

Phillip M. McLaughlin, M.S. M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineer with over 45 years of industry experience, Mr. McLaughlin is a retained consultant with Ruhl Forensic in the area of the vehicle dynamics of heavy trucks, with a specialty in truck stability, handling, ride quality and vibration analysis. Mr. McLaughlin has recently retired from PACCAR after a long career, where his responsibilities included design, product development, research and testing pertaining to the ride, stability and handling of heavy duty trucks.

Mr. McLaughlin previously worked in the aerospace industry, specializing in aircraft and spacecraft dynamics and control system development. As part of his work in the space program, Mr. McLaughlin was involved in the post-flight simulation analysis of the Gemini VIII spin-up emergency and also developed specifications for Gemini XI and XII tethered vehicle experiments.

Mr. McLaughlin has utilized several vehicle dynamics simulation programs in the analysis of complex vehicle handling and stability scenarios. He also holds a shared patent for a tractor hitch position control system and a patent for an air spring heat sink.

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Machine/Product Analysis